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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

how much water should i drink

I really tested the Xooma out yesterday and by accident actually had a "Scientific" control in my little personal test.

Maureen, my son Liam ad myself have been taking our annual holiday in Taiwan. We are currently staying in Yilan County which is also famous for its hot springs among other great attractions and unique site seeing phenomina. Yesterday Maureen took us to the hot springs in the mountains. It was a blast.

The temperature of the hot water there was so hot that in locations were the water comes purely from the ground you can actually cook food in it. Yes, with the mineral content it actually even gets up above 100 degrees c.

I was being kinda "Cool" as I knew that if I had my X2O I would not get dehydrated so I was straight into the hot section. Yeow! Too Hot. OK! cut back the gradient a little. I also had Liam with me so had to make sure that I didn't also cook my little boy at the same time as showing off.

The water temperature was like the hottest bath that you would ever be able to stand. Red feet and ankles. But after a while you seemed to adjust to the heat. Probably from the mineral content. Then there were these really cool water pods that you could just sink into. The water was also pretty hot in these, but once again I seemed to be getting used to it and I had my "X2O". Well so I thought.

I got out of one of the pods and started to walk and I suddenly got really dizzie. Too much too fast. Man! I was dizzie. I then looked at my X2O Bottle as this didn't make sense. I was drinking the water. Oh Ohhhh! I had forgot to put a sachel of X2O into the water. Lucky I had some in the beach bag.

I as quick as I could on my wobbly legs went across to our table and placed one X2O Tea Bag into my Xooma Bottle. I shook it and waited for about 15 minutes to ensure I had done it right. It was a long 15 minutes. I then slowly drank down the bottle and started to feel my body come back to life.

It worked. Within another 15 minutes I was back into action and having a ball.

Maureen then pointed out the COLD POOL. I was thinking like "What!" This must be for those stupid old guys who love pain. So just for fun I gave it a go. I went up and practically jumped in as I knew a slow submerge would just be too painful. Check out the video of the "invigoration" that took place.

Wow! I was amazed. After about 5 minutes in the cool water I actually started to feel sort of warm and also feel a really lovely sensation. "This is sort of cool and tranquil."

Maureen advised me to not stay in too long and I was out just as I started to feel a little cold. I then went back to one of the pods and dropped in butt first. The hot water now felt really pleasant on my skin and I felt a bit like I had thick skin like a whale or something. Ok! Don't laugh too much at my belly. I am on holidays.

Then one of the older Taiwanese guys spoke with me and started to explain the technology of this wonderful therapy. The secret is to stay in the hot just as long as you can feel the heat starting to overbalance in your body and before it does, change into the cold pool. This then goes the same for the cold pool. Just the right amount of time in each.

It was time to go and I really felt quite wonderful. I am sure though that my X2O really did save me from an embarrasing. "Come on! I'll show you how an Aussie does it." I was a "bit" loud and I am sure that there were a few old wise men shacking their heads. My X2O saved me from the dehydration and allowed me to experience the wonderful phenomina of the Hot Pools.

You can gain as much information as you like right here at the X2O Web Site:


Warmly Mike King.

PS. I highly recommend Taiwan for a family holiday. They really care and cater for the kids.



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