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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A True Story

(written by Scott Eames)
I got started in Xooma when Mike Kentrolis handed me what appeared to be a tea bag full of sand. Being very skeptical in nature, I asked "Mike, what is this?" A typical Mike Kentrolis response followed, "It's this new multi-level marketing business that I started. Just try it, you might even get healthier." And so I did, for two whole weeks."At that point I figured this wasn't for me, and I stopped taking the product. About seven months later, the pantry was starting to fill up with Xooma product boxes. Mike Kentrolis calls... "Hey Scott, are you still taking the product?" "No" I replied. "Do you mind if I stop by and pick up any extra?" He asked. Of course I don't mind. It may even make my wife happy to get this stuff out of here, free up some space. "No, not at all.come on over."Later that day Mike and I met up. I gave him what I had left of the Xooma boxes. The next day I received another Xooma box in the mail. When will these things stop coming, I thought to myself, I need to Cancel. For kicks I gave it one more try. Off to work I went with this new box of Xooma. "Hey, you guys wanna try this with me?" I asked my co-workers. After being turned down several times I simply threw the product away. Two months later... that's when it happened...as unexpected as Ed McMahon knocking on your door! I called my wife from work. We talked for a minute about this and that, then she very non- chalantly said, "By the way, a Xooma check came today." "Really!" I exclaimed. "How much is it for?" "It's only for 28 bucks." she said. "That's incredible!" I replied. I could barely contain my excitement. As soon as I got home from work I looked up the Xooma website for the first time. I even had to call Mike, because I didn't know my user name or password. When I saw what was taking place, it was everything that Mike said it would be. I was and still am very enthused about this product and business. Some of you may think, 28 dollars, that's not even enough to go to the movies. The way I see it, this 28 dollar check forever changed my life and is priceless.(Frank Morgan) Scott is a perfect example of what this industry is about... VISION and BELIEF! Viewing "the glass" as half-full served as a catalyst for the beginning of a huge Xooma organization. In the last week, Scott has enrolled 8 new team members which has resulted in over 20 new Xooma members in his group.

Thank you Scott


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