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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One for the girls

Since my surgery a few months ago, I have been getting up at least four times during the night to change clothes because I would be drenched. I was constantly tired all day. The first night I took X2O, I slept all night without any night sweats and all day yesterday and today I had no hot flushes!! I am so excited. Since taking X2O, I have been full of energy and not feeling that mild depressed "lull." I have tried so many different creams for these maddening hot flushes and I also asked my doctor to increase my hormone patch andNOTHING WORKED.I was not expecting to get relief from this. Since I drink so much water. It made sense.Well, now I'm telling everyone about it. even guys. I'm sure they know some woman who is looking for an answer. I will be forever grateful to God, Xooma and my 'telephone friend' Carl Boyer for sharing this information.

Donna H. Sunrise, FL USA


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