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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Battle With the Booze

I'm a 53 year old female. There will be some in society who may scoff at what I am about to say (particularly the professionals) - but I can only tell my story as it is happening to me. I'm an alcoholic - a binge drinker. For well over 20 years I have strugged with alcohol.

I started taking x2o in mid Dec 05. So I've now been using x2o for about 14 weeks. In spite of my battles with the booze I have been an avid water drinker for 16 years so x2o fitted me well.

Within a week I noticed my energy levels lift - for at least 30 years I had always experienced a slump in my energy between 12noon & 2pm - to the point where I could fall asleep for 5 mins the conditions being right. Not anymore - I am now usually up before dawn & on the go up to 16 hours a day without batting an eyelid.

Also, I haven't had a drink since Spt/Oct 05 - & although I have no "proof" that x2o has something to do with this, instinctively I feel that it has. Bowen Therapists talk about balancing the body - I know that after years of not 'feeling right' I do feel balanced.
I am not flying off the handle at the smallest thing & my emotions are much more in control. I am also sleeping more soundly.

The only different thing I have done in the last few months is use x2o.

P.R. Australia


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